Coming Soon | Divergent Fates Anthology

I’m pleased to announce the Divergent Fates anthology. It’s in the works and will be available on a (tentative) release date around mid-June.

(Cover by SA Hunt)

Loose Ends by Matthew S. Cox

With the mystery of the killer dolls behind her, Agent Kirsten Wren struggles with nightmares of what almost happened. She hopes for a few days to collect herself, but a false lead comes back to haunt her.

Last Flight by JS Hughes

Rahleigh, a shot-down reconnaissance pilot struggling to find water in the Badlands saves a feral boy from marauders. The child becomes Rahleigh’s mission, but something isn’t what it seems.

Snake Oil, A tale of the Badlands by JP Sloan

Life in the Badlands is cheap, if hard-earned. When a lone traveler visits the settlement of Jericho with fertilizer for their struggling crops, the town sheriff must decide if trusting a stranger (a misstep that cost him dearly in the past) is worth risking the town’s safety. Facing another starving winter, the choice seems clear… but risking the attention of vicious local warlords may spell doom for Jericho.

Prophet’s Wake by Wilbert Stanton

They left Cassie Black for dead, stranded in the middle of the desert with no hope of survival. After a chance encounter with the mysterious Prophet who heals her wounds, Cassie has one thing left to do, find her old crew and get revenge. Unfortunately, the Children of the Lost Cowboy and a being known as The Sentience have other plans in store for her. What’s a girl to do when all she wants is to stick a knife in her old boss’s neck, and fate insists on calling her a savior?

The Old City by Matthew S. Cox

Althea is determined to make Querq her home. She works to put aside her fears, clinging to the courage necessary to protect those she loves. The Old City lurks beyond the town’s walls, off-limits to children due to the dangers of creatures and ancient structures. When some local boys break the rules and get hurt while exploring, she doesn’t hesitate to help them―even if it means risking her life.

Stance-No-Stance by Robert J Defendi

Dachi is a samurai, a professional duelist, and a pacifist, guarding one of the most powerful men in Japan. But when he discovers that the someone is experimenting on the lowest caste members of society, how will he navigate conflicts of honor, duty, justice, and morality? And what does justice even mean when society grants the high the right to commit heinous acts on the low, and even questioning your superiors can be a capital offense?

The Contractor by Mark W. Woodring

Retirement was great, but an unexpected job offer was too much to pass up. Unfortunately, Patton forgot that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. He should have stayed retired.

Special Project by James Wymore

Min-gun lives for hovercar racing in the Korean underground until gangsters get involved and threaten the life of the racer he loves.

Field Test by Patrick Burdine

Few Mexican-born commoners manage to rise far in the Allied Corporate Council, but Manuel has spent years playing by all the rules, covering up his heritage, and even adopting the Euro name Manfred. An assignment to infiltrate a resistance cell and destroy it from within offers a chance at recognition, if it doesn’t erase his psyche.

Maestro’s Requiem by Matthew S. Cox

Nina Duchenne is adjusting to her new life with a doll body and a position with Division 9. Amid one of the darkest cases she’s ever worked, she finds a surprising glimmer of light for her dreary soul.

Sins of the Father by Benjamin Sperduto

Dmitri was a loyal citizen of the Allied Corporate Council, a modest man of modest means who knew how to keep his head down and his mouth shut. But everything changed when a routine Citizen Management sweep led to his beloved daughter’s arrest. Stripped of citizenship and cast out of his home, Dmitri struggles to survive on the broken streets of post-industrial Russia. When a chance encounter brings him into contact with a burgeoning resistance moment, he must decide just how far he’s willing to go to atone for a lifetime of inaction.

April Updates

Well, April is upon us once again. Figured I’d take a few minutes and make a post since I’ve been somewhat lax in regards to the blog as of late. (There has been much writing and editing going on). Seems I’m on a fantasy kick as of late, editing Eldritch Heart while also putting some last minute touches on Emma and the Elixir of Madness, and also starting the first draft of Emma and the Weeping Spirit.

Some good news – Curiosity Quills has signed Emma and the Elixir of Madness, the fourth book in the Tales of Widowswood series (a middle-grade fantasy). Also, I’ve started drafting on the fifth, Emma and the Weeping Spirit.

The Eldritch Heart is in mid edits, and I am excited to the point of losing a little sleep since it’s proving difficult to pry myself away from the computer. There’s some welcome tweaks happening which is making the story more fulfilling and complete.

Also, in about a month, the fourth book in the Division Zero series, Guardian, will release. This is a novel I hadn’t initially planned on ever writing. The end of book three left Kirsten at a place I thought good to leave her… however, I kept having readers tell me they wanted more time with Kirsten. So, I sat down and spend a couple weeks thinking about various plot ideas before settling on what would become the fourth novel in the series. (Attention Book Bloggers: early review ARCs are available. If you are interested in reading Guardian early to post a review on release day, please email me. Mcox2112 at gmail dot com.

I’ve also been elbow-deep in edits for the second book of the Roadhouse Chronicles series – The Redeemed. I’m humbled at the wonderful feedback I’m receiving in regard to the first novel in that series, One More Run, and my editor seems to like The Redeemed. The only downside is having to wait for its release date.

Eldritch Heart will probably wind up back with the editor later tonight, and I’m fortunate in that she is as excited about it as I am. Anyway, I suppose I’ve rambled enough for now.


Happy reading!

New Release and giveaway


Greetings everyone!

The second book in the Tales of Widowswood series, Emma and the Silk Thieves, is now available on Amazon Kindle. (The paperback versions are on the way, but I don’t have an exact date of when they’ll be available.)

The Ebook is available here.

Release Party

Due to a schedule issue, the Facebook release party for Emma and the Silk Thieves is not the same day as the ebook launch, and is being held on Jan 9th from 5-7pm EST. This is an online only event via Facebook posting/commenting. All are welcome to join in to chat, hang out, and play games for prizes.

This is a first for my release parties, in that it’s scheduled a full week after the ebook went live on Amazon. As such, some people will have likely read the book (I hope) by the time of the party. This gave me an idea. I’m posting a trivia game here (and in the release party), based on Emma and the Silk Thieves.

The winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card (US only as I have no way to gift to other Amazons).

The first person to answer all 20 questions correctly will win – or if no one gets them all correct by the time the party ends (Jan 9th at 7pm EST), the responder with the most correct questions answered will win.

Please do not post answers in the comments – email them to me at mcox2112

—-( Questions )—-

1) What deity is the Harvest Festival held in honor of?
2) Why can’t Julianna participate in the hunt?
3) How many firefruit does Tam find?
4) Who sneaks up on Emma during the Harvest Festival?
5) What does Emma’s father do with his food that she thinks is awful?
6) When Emma tells Kimber “That’s not a storm.” What is it?
7) What flavor treat does Kimber pick?
8) Why does the lantern make Emma sad?
9) Name the young wolf who’s almost as big as Greyfang.
10) What almost happened to Guard Kavan when the thieves attacked?

11) What does Emma’s father want to do with their house?
12) Why did Emma’s father remain apparently oblivious to the family’s magic?
13) What is Kimber obsessed with finding/seeing?
14) Name the young village woman who is expecting a baby.
15) Which nature spirit protects Emma from stepping on thorns/rocks?
16) The family wakes up one morning to find a surprise in the house. What is it?
17) Who is afraid of Faeberry, and why?
18) What about the visiting skalds captures the kids’ curiosity?
19) Why does Kimber start babbling nonsense in the root cellar?
20) What is Tam obssessed with?

Cover Reveal | Emma and the Silk Thieves


I’m thrilled to be able to finally reveal the cover for Emma and the Silk Thieves, the second in my Tales of Widowswood series, a middle grade fantasy. Emma’s adventures continue as she finds herself needing to make good on the promise she made the Spider Queen. Alas, Emma is still dreadfully afraid of spiders (well who wouldn’t be frightened of a green furry spider bigger than a dog) and tries to prepare herself for their inevitable meeting. But the spiders aren’t the most dangerous things in the forest these days… and the thieves have their eyes right on Emma.

(You can read chapter one early here)


To go with the new cover for Silk Thieves, Curiosity Quills has also redesigned the cover for Emma and the Banderwigh (the first in the series) to keep the look consistent. (I love the magical forest feel here.)

Chapter one preview

Chapter two preview


December Sale


I’m pleased to announce that Curiosity Quills is putting most of their catalog up for sale in December for .99 (ebooks). Different genres go on sale on different dates, and the sale includes all the books in CQ’s active catalog. Below are the sale dates by title for my novels:



On December 11th and 12th, my novels Chiaroscuro and Nine Candles of Deepest Black will be .99 for the ebook.



On December 13 and 14, Contemporary Fiction goes on sale. My novels, Caller 107 and The Summer the World Ended (both YA fiction) will be .99 for the ebook.


Science Fiction


December 15th and 16th is the day for Sci Fi books, which includes quite a few of my books:

Virtual Immortality

Division Zero (Division Zero series #1)

Prophet of the Badlands (The Awakened series #1)

The Far Side of Promise (Anthology)

The Hand of Raziel (Daughter of Mars series #1)

One More Run (The Roadhouse Chronicles series #1)

Operation Chimera



My middle-grade fantasy novel, Emma and the Banderwigh (Tales of Widowswood series #1) goes on sale for .99 on December 17th and 18th. (The second book in this series, Emma and the Silk Thieves is scheduled to release January 3rd!)

This is a great opportunity to grab up a bunch of ebooks (again CQ is putting almost their whole catalog up on sale). Check them out at

Happy reading, and happy holidays!


New Release | Chiaroscuro – The Mouse and the Candle


Found this pic by chance on Pinterest a few weeks after writing the book. Almost a perfect match for Sabine, the child vampire.

The day is almost here! My vampire novel, Chiaroscuro, releases tomorrow! (July 18).

Read the first three chapters free on the preview page.

ChiaroscuroGod’s will be done.

After eleven years as a priest living by these words, Father Antonio Molinari never imagined who would teach his strongest lesson of faith―a vampire.

Part of a secret order within the Vatican, he is sent to investigate and debunk supernatural events. A case of possession brings him to the French countryside, where two local clergy offer him the chance of a lifetime. They claim to have captured a vampire, and beg his expertise in helping them study the fiend.

When their monster turns out to be a little girl, cursed to spend eternity hiding from the sun, he cannot bring himself to destroy her. The priests, mistaking his compassion for diabolism, panic, and his efforts to protect an innocent child prove fatal.

He awakes caught between light and darkness.

Hunted by the Church he once served as well as the fiends he once destroyed, Father Molinari clings to the faith there is still room for him in God’s plan.

But God is quiet, and the darkness tempting.

The book is available for preorder on Amazon:

I am also selling signed copies of the paperback directly ($15 + shipping) – email me mcox2112 @ gmail .com if interested or check out the Signed Copies page.

Also, from 5-7 p.m. EST, we are doing a Facebook release party (online only event).

Feel free to drop in and participate in the games and events for a chance to win some stuff. Prizes include two $10 Amazon gift cards, two signed copies of Chiaroscuro, a number of cool items made by Justplummy Swagit (keychain, bracelet, pendant, and this little coffin-shaped box, and a bunch of eBooks donated by several other Curiosity Quills authors.

There is also a Thunderclap going on for this launch.

If you have (or if you do) clicked in to support the Thunderclap, make sure to comment the thunderclap post in the Facebook release party. A random commenter will win a signed copy of Chiaroscuro (in addition to the two already being offered as prizes during the party.)

Happy reading!