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Fellow Curiosity Quills author, Ryan Hill, is having a release event for his debut novel, The Book of Bart. If you’re in the mood for a humorous story about demons, angels, and the kind of bad luck that can only come from a broken mirror, check it out.



Rejoice, for THE BOOK OF BART, Ryan Hill’s debut young adult paranormal novel, has been unleashed upon the world!

Join us on Facebook for an all day celebration including fun, fellowship, a live Q&A with Bart himself, and FREE STUFF from awesome authors, like Sharon Bayliss and A.K. Morgen!

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Only one thing is so powerful, so dangerous that Heaven and Hell must work together to find it: the Shard of Gabriel.

With a mysterious Black Cloud of Death hot on the shard’s trail, a desperate Heaven enlists the help of Bart, a demon who knows more about the shard than almost anyone. Six years ago, he had it in his hands. If only he’d used it before his coup to overthrow the devil failed. Now, he’s been sprung from his eternal punishment to help Samantha, an angel in training, recover the shard before the Black Cloud of Death finds it.

If Bartholomew wants to succeed, he’ll have to fight the temptation to betray Samantha and the allure of the shard. After an existence full of evil, the only way Bart can get right with Hell is to be good.

Release | Virtual Immortality



May 19th is finally here! Virtual Immortality is available in ebook and hardcover. Currently, it’s up on Amazon – – , but should be appearing on B&N and Kobo soon.


Nina is an idealist who gave up a life of luxury in pursuit of a noble cause and a job with the police force.

Joey is a thrill-seeking cyber cowboy ever in search for the next great adrenaline rush.

Anatoly Nemsky is a general in the Allied Corporate Council with a reputation for brutality and mass murder.

Itai Korin is a disavowed agent from the Mossad, who has arrived in West City with an unknown agenda.

With the voices of the dead returning through electronics, Joey sets off to hunt down the hacker he believes responsible.

Nina hopes beyond reason  that there is more than the life our mortal eyes can see.

8 Days left to VI


A little over one week left until the release party for Virtual Immortality, and I’m brimming with excitement! For those of you who don’t know what a Facebook release party is, a bunch of us get together online at the same time and race to keep up with a page updating too fast.

The event will be hosted by Leslie Whitaker, who will post an assortment of games (caption contests, brain teasers, sharing games etc.) Winners for these games will be selected by her, for prizes ranging from two hardcover copies of Virtual Immortality, an e-copy, two 18×24 posters of the cover art, and some cover-themed trinkets made by Justplummy Swagit.

Hope to see you there!
Goodreads Giveaway (Hardcover) – Ends May 19
Facebook Release Party – May 15th – 3:00 to 5:00 PM EST.
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Review | Valcoria by Jason King


Jason King’s Valcoria immerses the reader in a well-thought out, deep world with a rich history. A personal irk of mine is when technology creeps into a fantasy work. More often than not, it turns me off. In Valcoria, however, King combines elements of an ancient ruined civilization (technology) in a way that does not feel ‘tacked on’ as it so often does. Also, there are no elves, dragons, dwarves or any overt “wizards” – so the emergence of technology does not feel out of place.

The characters are conflicted, many are torn between loyalty to duty and their own desire, some between courage and cowardice, others between family and power, and all struck me as believable. Throughout the book, chapter headings tease with a tale of a fallen ruler as they reveal the history of the world. There was no “magic” in the traditional fantasy sense, instead a sense of mysticism based on manipulating the energy of one’s soul (Jia) channeled in one of a number of ways (healing, boosting strength/speed, teleportation) depending on which lineage a person descended from.

King’s narrative alternates from one character to another to show the story from multiple angles and brings us closer to all of the major characters. Occasionally I found it irksome to shift to another character’s perspective, but I think that was due to me wanting to get back to (and find out what happened) with a previous character. Some are more complex (Yuiv) than others (Lorta – who at times can be archetypical), but I enjoyed the portrayals and found the characters well done.

Overall, between the effort put into crafting the world and its pantheon, and the storytelling, Valcoria is a worthy addition to any bookshelf.


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