This page contains a list of items available as giveaways/freebies. Any number of items can be requested at once. Requests from outside the United States are okay, but the requester agrees to pay for shipping to non-US destinations.

To request any of the below items, please email me at mcox 2112 at gmail dot com with the desired item(s) and an address to ship them to.

Currently Available Freebies

[Paperback] – A Thousand Lifetimes
Book of sample chapter ones (available as a freebie).

[Paperback] – First edition Caller 107 paperback.
This is the original edition with the ‘white’ cover. Differences from current version: underwent a major edit. Live version of the book has approximately 10k additional words of new content, plus many typo fixes and a modest reduction in swear words.

[Paperback] – First edition Chiaroscuro: The Mouse and the Candle.
Original edition. Differences from current version: cover, minor internal edits for flow.

[Paperback] – Citadel: The Concordant Sequence
Differences from live version: cover, interior art/design.

[Paperback] – Silver Light (with J.R. Rain)
Differences from live version: Cover, 6×9 trim size, interior layout.

[Paperback] – The Dysfunctional Conspiracy
Differences from live version: Minor change to layout.

[Paperback] – Operation Chimera
Original CQ version of Operation Chimera (with Tony Healey)
This is still the same version presently available.

[Paperback] – First edition Containment (with J.R. Rain)
Differences from live version: 6×9 trim size, old cover. Minor internal layout.

[Poster] 24×36 – Original cover of Caller 107

[Poster] 24×36 – First edition revised cover for Caller 107

[Poster] – 24×36 – Second edition The Eldritch Heart (2 available)

[Poster] 24 x 36 – Original Archon’s Queen