Freebie deal | Axillon99

Axillon99, a LitRPG sci fi, is free on Kindle for a few days!

In a near-future dystopian society where Amazon and Disney own everything, Dakota Marx knows what she wants: as much time as possible to lose herself in the virtual online world of her favorite game. However, when her crew stumbles upon information the programmers wanted to keep hidden, it’s no longer just their avatars being shot at.

New Release | My Dad is a Mad Scientist

The Adventures of Übergirl #1

Greetings, all!

I’m thrilled to announce the book release of my foray into the superhero genre with My Dad is a Mad Scientist! – Available now on Amazon.

Saving the world isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you’re only nine.

Kelly Donovan used to be a nobody. Well, a smart nobody. Skipping ahead a year in school made her the smallest kid in fifth grade and a target for bullies in search of an easy mark. She tried to follow her father’s advice and ignore them, but it didn’t do any good. Escaping into her favorite comic books at least helped her through the day. Who needs friends anyway?

Sometimes, dreams find a way to come true, even if nobody asked them to.

Aliens bombard the Earth with gigantic glowing red crystals to restore its failing magnetic field. Soon after the seemingly benevolent invasion, Kelly discovers her wildest, happiest fantasy come to life: she has superpowers, along with roughly two percent of the population. Her strong good nature leads her to adopt the heroic persona of Übergirl. However, she has one major problem…

Her dad’s turning into a mad scientist.

It’s difficult to be a hero, especially when your father’s a bad guy.

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Kindle Sale | Evergreen #1

With the release of the third book in the series, I’ve put Evergreen #1 on sale for .99 over the next few days!

Seventeen-year-old Harper Cody hesitates for a second, and her parents die. With nothing but the clothes on her back and Dad’s shotgun, she’s the only thing standing between her little sister and the dangers of a post-nuclear Colorado.

New Release | The Lucky Ones


I’m thrilled to announce the kindle release of Evergreen Book 3 – The Lucky Ones!

Eight months ago, the skies burned.

Harper Cody’s life in the town of Evergreen is far from the comfortable suburban existence she enjoyed growing up. The urge to survive hardens all, even the sweetest girl in her class. Safety is difficult to find, but she makes her own with Dad’s shotgun.

The approach of her eighteenth birthday rips open the emotional scab she’d built over her most painful memories. She mourns the ashes of a future that can no longer be, believing the world no longer has any place for happiness. Despite her sorrow, she remains determined to protect her little sister and two adopted siblings.

Nuclear autumn threatens the crops, lake fish carry the threat of radiation, and the town’s canned goods are nearly gone. Food is scarce, but the people of Evergreen just might make it if luck is with them. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones willing to kill for survival, and a large, verdant farm makes for a tempting target.

School may be a thing of the past for Harper, but she’s learning that the hardest part of nuclear war is surviving it.

Release Party! – Please join me on Facebook tomorrow for an online release party. (If you’re not sure how that works, it’s entirely in the comments/discussion page of the event.) We’ll have games, contests, and giveaways 🙂

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