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Greetings, All!

The Eldritch Heart ebook is on sale for .99 until May 4th!

(A young adult LGBT Fantasy novel)

For twenty years, a war rages between the kingdoms of Lucernia and Evermoor, longer than Princess Oona has been alive. She is stuck living as a veritable prisoner in the castle, fearful of assassins who seek to kill her before the Foretelling comes to pass.

A bigger worry weighs heavy on her heart than finding a way to end a bitter war: the love she feels for her servant girl, Kitlyn.

In a kingdom devoted to Lucen, the god of purity, such an admission could be worse than death–but so is keeping it secret.

Amazon: https://bookgoodies.com/a/B07DFBY2HR



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Kindle Freebie | The Cursed Codex

Greetings! I have a second freebie going on – The Cursed Codex (Upper MG / younger YA LitRPG) is also free on Kindle until 4/23/19.

Fantasy roleplayers often get deep into their games, but thirteen-year-old Keith Croft is about to take it to a new level.

He’s been invisible for seven years, smart but not working hard, athletic enough, but too lazy to excel. His parents are sorta cool, but only two weeks into his eighth-grade year, his friends are all busy with sports or projects and can’t hang out. On the way home one day, he stops at a neighbor’s yard sale and discovers a book for Crypts & Creepers that the lonely old woman says belonged to her granddaughter who disappeared without a trace.

Days after he convinces his friends to try this bizarre game that doesn’t require electronics, strange noises in his closet wake him. His increasing inability to focus on anything other than a girl who vanished before he was born―and his obsession with her NPC ranger―drives him to dig deeper into the past, searching for what really happened to her.

By the time Keith realizes the Gamemaster’s Codex holds something darker than rules within its pages, the curse that claimed the soul of a girl in 1987 has its claws in his group as well.

Keith vows his friends will escape―even if he can’t.

Kindle Freebie | Prophet of the Badlands

Prophet of the Badlands is free on Kindle from Apr 20 – Apr 24!

For most twelve-year-olds, being kidnapped is terrifying. For Althea, it’s only Tuesday.

Psionic healing powers are precious anywhere, but out in the Badlands… settlers and raiders alike kill to own her. With no home or even any idea what normal feels like, Althea is content to let them take her as long as she can still help those who need her gifts. When her bleak life takes an unexpected turn and she gets a taste of having a real home, she must search deep within for the courage to protect herself and those she has come to love as a family.