Caller 107 Giveaway / Contest

Free stuff!

In celebration of the nomination of Caller 107 for a Dream award, I’m going to do a giveaway/contest.
( Please vote for it here: )

One person will receive a signed paperback copy of Caller 107 as well as a $25 Amazon gift card. Two other winners will each receive a signed paperback copy.

The giveaway is open to anyone who has purchased an e-book copy of Caller 107 from December 1st 2014 through January 31st 2015.

Caller 107 on Amazon:

To enter, send an email with proof-of-purchase to between now and January 31 2015. This could be a screenshot from Amazon, forwarding the confirmation email, or a photo of your e-reader with the Caller 107 cover on it.
After Jan 31, winners will be selected at random and contacted by email.


2015 Dream Awards | Caller 107


Caller 107 has been nominated for a 2015 Dream award in the Young Adult category. I would greatly appreciate anyone who would take the time to click the link below and chip in a vote. I’m floored by the nomination, considering this story began as a dream I had some years ago. I woke up, raced to the computer, and wrote it down — but tucked it away, doubting anyone would want to read it. The great reactions in reviews and  chats that I’ve had with people who have read it have touched me, and made me feel more the fool for waiting so long.

Chronology Anthology


It’s almost here!

Curiosity Quills is releasing their yearly anthology of short stories soon. It recently went live on Amazon for preorder here:

My contribution, Innocent Deception, joins many talented writers in a collection of short stories that I am humbled to be part of. I’ve had the pleasure to read Draconic King, The Room Below, and Whitechapel thus far, and they were amazing. (Short stories that leave you wanting to read ‘the rest of the novel’ hit the right buttons as far as I’m concerned.)


– Draconic King, by James Wymore
– Wind-Up Hearts, by Stan Swanson
– Flight of the Pegasus, by Darin Kennedy
– That Which Is Hidden, by Julie Frost
– Whitechapel, by Andrew Buckley
– The Lair by, Tony Healey
– Signs Unseen, by J.P. Moynahan
– In The Clutches of the Mummy Prince, by B.C. Johnson
– Bait and Witch, by J.P. Sloan
– Inmate # 85298, by Andy Rausch
– Lava, by Piers Anthony
– Strange Flesh, by Katie Young
– Wampus Cat, by Scott Nicholson
– Yours Until the Ink Dries, by Jordan Elizabeth
– The Room Below, by Wilbert Stanton
– The Comeback, by Tara Tyler
– The Bull, by J.R. Rain
– After-Party, by Mark Woodring
– The Unattended Life, by J.E. Anckorn
– The Colorado King, by Nathan L. Yocum
– Gookie Visits Her Moma, by G. Miki Hayden
– Above the Clouds, by Richard Roberts
– Innocent Deception, by Matthew S. Cox
– Limited Liability, by Matthew Graybosch