Charity Anthology | When Disasters Strike


Some months ago, Stephanie Lunsford approached me and asked if I could contribute a short story to an anthology she was putting together to benefit a critically ill little girl ( and help out with her medical expenses.

She’d read Division Zero, and asked me to go back in Kirsten (the main character’s) past a bit for a peek into her earlier life. I wound up writing Into the Beneath, which happens twelve years prior to the events of Division Zero 1 (when Kirsten is only ten years old).

Curiosity Quills was gracious enough to let me send this over, and so I am one of thirteen authors in this collection of disaster, survival, and horror stories. (Truth be told, cyberpunk with ghosts struck me as a little out of the theme – but they wanted it… so, anyway.)

If you’re a fan of horror stories, post apocalyptic tales, and tales of people dealing with harrowing situations (and you don’t mind helping out a child in need), check out this anthology, now available on Amazon ( All proceeds from the sale of this anthology are going to benefit Emily.


Happy reading!

News and Updates

Exciting news !

Curiosity Quills​ has signed three more of my novels: the cyberpunk / espionage thriller Daughter of Mars 2 – Araphel, and Daughter of Mars 3 – Ghost Black. (This series is set in the same world as Virtual Immortality, Division Zero, and the Awakened series take place [only on Mars instead of Earth]. Book 1 in Daughter of Mars has a crossover with book 3 in the Awakened series.)

More info Here

Also signed is One More Run, a post-nuclear apocalypse story of cynicism and love – with a dash of zombie.

Pardon the slowness of the site lately. I’ve been absorbed in another new project, a YA witchy horror novel. While I was at the Barnes & Noble of Cherry Hill last Saturday, a title hit me out of the blue that I /had/ to use. I haven’t the faintest idea what inspired it but… yeah. Writing. Anyway, back to working on: Nine Candles of Deepest Black.



Book Review | Malus Domestica by S.A. Hunt


This is a book that I bought over a month ago and had been meaning to read ASAP. Finally, I had a gap in my schedule and sat down with the paperback. I’ve never considered myself all that much of a fan of horror, probably because I assume that means there will be overdone violence/gore for the sake of shock value, stupid characters making stupid choices that leave them meat for a killer, or child death (I tend to avoid books/movies with that as there’s quite enough of that in the news.) While there are allusions to murdered children in this book, it’s off-camera and you don’t ‘get to know’ any of the victims per se prior to that, which while unsettling isn’t past my limit. There was only enough of it to underscore the type of creatures the witches are in this setting. Anyway, here is my Review:


From the award-winning author of the Outlaw King series comes another harrowing adventure in the grand tradition of Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Charlaine Harris.
Robin Martine has come a long way.

She’s not your usual college-age girl. More often than not, Robin’s washing a load of gory clothes at the laundromat, or down at the lake throwing hatchets at pumpkins. She lives in an old van, collects swords, and dyes her mohawk blue.

Also, she kills witches for a living on YouTube.

You see, Robin’s life was turned upside down by those hideous banshees from Hell. She spent high-school in a psych ward, drugged out of her head for telling the cops her mother Annie was murdered with magic. Magic from a witch named Marilyn Cutty.

After a three-year warpath across America, she’s come home to end Cutty for good.
But she’ll have to battle hog-monsters, a city full of raving maniacs, and a killer henchman called the “Serpent” if she wants to end the coven’s reign over the town of Blackfield once and for all.


My thoughts:

Malus Domestica by SA Hunt is a masterful tale of supernatural horror told with an ensemble cast. The mythology/setting that he’s created is fantastic, deep, and creepy as all hell. This author has a gift for description that paints vivid (often disturbingly so) images in the mind. One caveat―if you are a cat lover, this book is going to be quite disturbing. Some parts were hard to read.

The description on the jacket makes it sound like Robin is the “main” character, but in the beginning of the book she feels more like an equal part of a large cast. At about the 70% mark, she takes a more prominent role as the story brings the multiple characters together as all of them are affected in one way or another by an ancient and powerful coven of witches who dwell in Blackfield, GA.

Robin is a witch hunter. The Blackfield coven killed her mother prior to the events of the story when Robin was still a child, an event that has left deep emotional wounds. After years in a psychiatric facility (child Robin made the mistake of telling the authorities witches did it), an enigmatic occultist finds and trains her to do one thing: kill witches. Problem is, killing things that are already dead is often a tricky (and painful) task.

Increasing hallucinations of a strange creature, dreams of her mother, and an inexorable pull to return draw Robin back to her childhood home. It is time for her to face her demons once and for all.

This book has a lot of characters, but unlike what can often happen with such a large cast, I never felt as though I got lost as to who is who. Each character is portrayed vividly, from the minor characters (like the child that decides to hide in the wrong car) to the primary characters like Robin, Wayne, Joel, and Kenway – and of course the witches. You know you are reading the work of a gifted author when you have been shown how awful and evil the primary antagonist can be – yet in a quiet moment where they are talking to Robin, you start to wonder if the old woman has a point… maybe it is Robin who’s misguided. Maybe they could bury the hatchet… and you almost want them to. THAT is a great story.

I don’t, as a general rule, read a lot of novels classified as ‘horror,’ but I decided to jump on this one based on his previous Outlaw King books. I’m glad I did. This is a long book – and I still got so caught up in it that I finished it one day. Hollywood needs to stop with the remakes and start reading some of SA Hunt’s books.

This book will make you change your mind on self-published authors. The formatting and editing were near perfect. If I had been unfamiliar with SA Hunt’s prior work, and someone told me this was from a major publisher, I wouldn’t have doubted. Malus Domestica is a near-flawless foray into a frightening world of dark thaumaturgy, mystery, and evil that will haunt you for quite some time.

If I had to say something critical, it would be that some of the scenes (where new characters are brought in) may feel extraneous at first… You’ve been reading about one character and then the action jumps to someone new that doesn’t seem related to anything going on―but it all winds up tying together and making perfect sense by the end. (That… and I felt bad for the cats.)



Cover Reveal | Dead Girl Running by Ann Noser

Happy Saturday everyone 🙂

Today I have the pleasure of participating in the cover reveal for Ann Noser’s latest book, Dead Girl Running. If you haven’t yet read her first How to Date Dead Guys and like a little macabre comedy mixed with witchiness, give it a read 🙂

Anyway, without further rambling, here’s Ann’s new cover:


Dead Girl Running is a Young Adult/New Adult Crossover Dystopian, and a cross between The Giver, The Handmaiden’s Tale, and Agenda 21.


Eight years ago, SILVIA WOOD’s father died in an industrial accident. After suffering through years of Psychotherapy Services and Mandated Medications for depression and multiple suicide attempts, she longs to work in Botanical Sciences. When the Occupation Exam determines she must work in Mortuary Sciences instead, she wonders if the New Order assigned her to the morgue to push her over the edge.

To appease her disappointed mother, Silvia enters the Race for Citizen Glory, in an attempt to stand out in the crowd of Equals. After she begins training with “golden boy” LIAM HARMAN, she discovers he also lost his father in the same accident that ruined her childhood. Then Silvia meets and falls for Liam’s older cousin, whose paranoid intensity makes her question what really happened to her father. As the race nears, Silvia realizes that she’s not only running for glory, she’s running for her life.


Scheduled release date: October 26th, 2015

Want to reserve a copy? Here’s a PRE-PURCHASE LINK


Meet the Author:


Just kidding, here she is:


Ann M. Noser’s Bio:

My to-do list dictates that I attempt to cram forty-eight hours of living into a day instead of the usual twenty-four.  I’ve chosen a life filled with animals.  I train for marathons with my dog, then go to work as a small animal veterinarian, and finish the day by tripping over my pets as I attempt to convince my two unruly children that YES, it really IS time for bed.  But I can’t wait until the house is quiet to write; I have to steal moments throughout the day.  Ten minutes here, a half hour there, I live within my imagination.

Like all busy American mothers, I multi-task.  I work out plot holes during runs.  Instead of meditating, I type madly during yoga stretches.  I find inspiration in everyday things: an NPR program, a beautiful smile, or a newspaper article on a political theory.

I’d love to have more time to write (and run, read, and sleep), but until I find Hermione Granger’s time turner, I will juggle real life with the half-written stories in my head.  Main characters and plot lines intertwine in my cranium, and I need to let my writing weave the tales on paper so I can find out what happens next.


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