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Exciting news !

Curiosity Quills​ has signed three more of my novels: the cyberpunk / espionage thriller Daughter of Mars 2 – Araphel, and Daughter of Mars 3 – Ghost Black. (This series is set in the same world as Virtual Immortality, Division Zero, and the Awakened series take place [only on Mars instead of Earth]. Book 1 in Daughter of Mars has a crossover with book 3 in the Awakened series.)

More info Here

Also signed is One More Run, a post-nuclear apocalypse story of cynicism and love – with a dash of zombie.

Pardon the slowness of the site lately. I’ve been absorbed in another new project, a YA witchy horror novel. While I was at the Barnes & Noble of Cherry Hill last Saturday, a title hit me out of the blue that I /had/ to use. I haven’t the faintest idea what inspired it but… yeah. Writing. Anyway, back to working on: Nine Candles of Deepest Black.



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