New Release | Vampire Innocent 8

Book 8 is now live on Kindle!

Sarah Wright has gone through a lifetime of mess in a mere five months, but her most difficult challenge yet is making it through Thanksgiving without spilling blood.

It isn’t only her extended family tempting her to sprout claws. A vampire hunter has arrived in Seattle, his sights set on Professor Heath. Worse, the hunter seems like a relatively nice guy. Dedicating one’s entire life to destroying undead sounds like a perfectly reasonable response to witnessing a vampire kill your parents, right?

She doesn’t believe her mild professor used to be a bloodthirsty mass-murderer, nor does she want to straight-up kill a living man for merely existing. Her indecision and silence backfires. One of the local vampire elders, still fuming over Sarah’s decision to remain with her mortal family, seizes the chance to back her into a political corner:

If Sarah doesn’t kill the hunter, she’ll bear the responsibility for anyone he destroys.

Updates – 9/23/19

Greetings, All!

Update time. The editor is done with Vampire Innocent 8, so I’m back into it. Things are going smoothly so I anticipate this one releasing before the end of the week. Sarah’s got her hands full dealing with two major issues… there’s a vampire hunter in Seattle – and she needs to survive Thanksgiving dinner with her extended family.

Book Fair – Holy crap it’s almost October already. The Collingswood Book Festival is two weeks out (10/5/19). Anyone close enough to drive to South Jersey should check this out: I’ll be there in spot 34.

Hardcover: Of Myth and Shadow is now available in hardcover! I know it looks a bit steep price wise, but it’s as low as I could put it without being charged money when stores buy it. Signed copies direct from me will be cheaper than retail (once I have them on hand… shipping takes a while).

Ubergirl book 2 (Aliens Ate my Homework) should be out soon as well. At the moment, it’s only waiting on the cover art.

And lastly, the outline for the fourth book in the Evergreen series is taking shape. I don’t have an exact time frame for this yet, but its release shouldn’t be too far in the future.

Happy reading!