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I’m thrilled to announce the kindle release of Evergreen Book 3 – The Lucky Ones!

Eight months ago, the skies burned.

Harper Cody’s life in the town of Evergreen is far from the comfortable suburban existence she enjoyed growing up. The urge to survive hardens all, even the sweetest girl in her class. Safety is difficult to find, but she makes her own with Dad’s shotgun.

The approach of her eighteenth birthday rips open the emotional scab she’d built over her most painful memories. She mourns the ashes of a future that can no longer be, believing the world no longer has any place for happiness. Despite her sorrow, she remains determined to protect her little sister and two adopted siblings.

Nuclear autumn threatens the crops, lake fish carry the threat of radiation, and the town’s canned goods are nearly gone. Food is scarce, but the people of Evergreen just might make it if luck is with them. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones willing to kill for survival, and a large, verdant farm makes for a tempting target.

School may be a thing of the past for Harper, but she’s learning that the hardest part of nuclear war is surviving it.

Release Party! – Please join me on Facebook tomorrow for an online release party. (If you’re not sure how that works, it’s entirely in the comments/discussion page of the event.) We’ll have games, contests, and giveaways 🙂

Event here:

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