Division Zero Series

In 2418, the population is aware of psionics, people with the ability to affect the world around them with their minds. As humanity so often fears what it does not understand, many with gifts find themselves shunned or vilified for no reason other than ignorance. While some nations seek to exterminate anyone with mental powers, the United Coalition Front embraces them.

In order to protect society from potential crime the militarized police are ill-equipped to handle, the government has created Division 0―a special branch of law enforcement composed of psionic individuals trusted to deal with their own kind.

Born with the power of Astral Sense, Kirsten has the ability to interact with spirits and see into the world that waits beyond death. Her talent came at the meager cost of her childhood. Tortured by a devout mother who regarded her as The Devil’s work, Kirsten was faced with a horrible choice: run away from home at the age of ten, or die by her own mother’s hand. She hid from the world of the living, afraid and alone―until Division 0 took her in.

Resilient, if not bitter, twenty-two year old Agent Wren now belongs to the Investigative Operations arm of Division 0. Isolated in a city of millions, she works cases involving entities or events no one else can explain, and many (even other psionics) do not even believe.

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