Division Zero Trivia Contest


Greetings everyone!

I’m running a little game/contest to celebrate the release of Thrall, book 3 in the Division Zero series. For one week, I am accepting answers to the following trivia questions based on books 1 and 2. The person who has submitted the most correct responses by next Tuesday (April 7th) will win a copy of all three books in paperback, signed, as well as a $25 Amazon gift card. (US)

In the event that more than one person gets all the answers right, the winner will be selected at random among anyone with 25 / 25.

Please send your answers to me at mcox2112@gmail.com.

Good Luck!

1.) What is Evan’s last name?
2.) What is the name of Dorian’s previous partner before Kirsten?
3.) Why did Kirsten swear off eating beef?
4.) Why was Kirsten’s bathroom mirror broken?
5.) What drug was Leaf addicted to?
6.) Name the unofficial medical condition responsible for the death of Marissa’s father.
7.) What was the name of Albert Motte’s pet?
8.) What is Captain Eze’s nationality?
9.) Name the priest Kirsten befriends.
10.) What’s the name of the man who leaves Kirsten at the table in the fancy restaurant once he learns she’s psionic?
11.) Where does Kirsten fight the soul collector (hint, the doctor)
12.) What’s the name of the hand-to-hand combat instructor Kirsten is working with?
13.) What is the military equivalent of Kirsten’s “Agent” rank?
14.) In Lex de Mortuis, Kirsten tangles with a wraith who used to be a drug lord. What was his name?
15.) What insect does Kincaid hate dealing with.
16.) Kirsten thinks that every time she wears <blank>, bad things happen to her.
17.) What saved Kirsten when she took a header off a parking garage?
18.) Name the Division 9 cyberspace jockey who helped Kirsten hunt down Albert.
19.) Name the Division 0 agent who doesn’t get along well with Dorian.
20.) Name Evan’s favorite fictional character.
21.) Name the ghost who helped Kirsten escape her mother and later taught her how to track spirits.
22.) How did Ritchie die?
23.) Where does Ritchie ‘live’ (so to speak).
24.) What does the breathable gel (b-gel) from the medical tanks taste like?
25.) What was the make of hovercar chasing Kirsten when Dorian killed its power, causing a crash?


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