Division Zero – Main Characters





  Kirsten Wren

A twenty-two year old Agent in the Investigative Operations unit of Division Zero, Kirsten is an Astral Sensitive gifted with the ability to see and interact with ghosts. After getting off to a rough start in life, she still manages to hold onto her belief that there is good inside everyone. Old wounds die hard, and she is not without her personal demons and grudges against those who use religion as a justification for evil.

A ward of the state since twelve, Kirsten received the rank of Agent (W4) as a special consideration for her unique talents. Also rated in Mind Blast, a talent that causes even other psionics to stay wary of her, she is able to combine these gifts into a potent weapon against supernatural threats. Wanting to use her for the greater good as soon as possible, Command has sent her into the field–perhaps without all the necessary tactical experience a field operative should have.



 Dorian Marsh

For many years, Dorian held the rank of Sergeant (E6) with the tactical operations group of Division Zero. Tasked with handling crimes involving living psionic criminals, he had a promising career until one chance mistake changed his life. The effect it had on his former partner still haunts him to this day.

Now with Kirsten, he remains secretive about his past while being an open ear for things she trusts no one else to tell. As they work together on their latest case, she discovers that Dorian may not be as angelic as Kirsten thinks.






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