Division Zero: Thrall

Agent Kirsten Wren has her fair share of demons to deal with—and some are literal.

 Despite discovering the world beyond death is more complicated than simple ghosts, she’s almost got her life in order. Her effort to adopt Evan appears to be on track, no one’s tried to kill her for a whole week, and most unbelievable of all, a billionaire is in love with her.

 Kirsten’s bleak childhood has left her with great contempt for the wealthy and a deep mental scar that makes intimacy terrifying. Konstantin’s high-society world is not for her, but thoughts of leaving him make her physically ill.

A series of murders with ritualistic overtones leads her to suspect someone’s using paranormal means to destabilize the nation. Stuck between her tortured past, an even scarier future, and a government doubting her stories of the Abyss, she has a mere week to find the killer before all hell breaks loose.

However, the demons are far closer than she expects.

Series: Division Zero (1)
Genre: DF Universe, Cyberpunk, paranormal, police procedural, detective
Intended audience: 18+
Available from: AmazonSigned Paperback

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