Techies often blame problems on ghosts in the system, but sometimes it’s literal.

In the year 2419, the sprawling metropolis of West City offers no shortage of ways to die. In light of all the crime, illicit chems, overpopulation, and ghastly accidents, many citizens become jaded to death. Lieutenant Kirsten Wren tries to help as many people as she can–even after they’ve lost their lives.

Amid the chaos, a series of bizarre deaths among hackers stands out as unusual enough to draw her interest. Something technology cannot explain is happening in the GlobeNet, and it’s killing people.

Kirsten’s investigation stirs up a far more sinister fiend than a simple angry wraith, one that won’t hesitate in killing a cop to keep its secrets.

Series: Division Zero (7)
Genre: DF Universe, Cyberpunk, paranormal, police procedural, detective
Intended audience: 18+
Available from: Amazon • Signed Paperback

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