New Release | The Artist of Ruin

Greetings all! I’m thrilled to announce the ebook release of The Artist of Ruin, the third book in the Vampire Innocent series. (Vampiric humor with a little drama.)

Sarah Wright knows she’s in for a rough week when a ghost asking for help is the least frightening thing she has to deal with.

A month after waking up as a vampire, unlife is feeling pretty sweet. Her mood swings are easing off, she’s got a decent boyfriend, and best of all, the parents let her slide on being lazy. They understand it’s a little awkward to keep a job when daylight can kill her.

Oh, and the whole magical powers thing is pretty cool, too.

After two weeks of quiet, her new normal blooms into a chaotic mess. Ashley’s awful luck with romance hits dangerously close to home. A simple favor for Aurélie ends with a possessed antique doll loose in the house, and worse, one random act of kindness gives Sarah something she’s never had before—a nemesis who wants to do more than kill her.

She wants to utterly ruin her.

Also, book one (A Nighttime of Forever) is going on sale. Grab it on #kindle for .99 over the next few days!

New Release | Citadel: The Concordant Sequence

Out Now!

Citadel: The Concordant Sequence – a post-apocalyptic young-adult novel

Eleven year old Kiera Quinn is sure she’s having a nightmare. She doesn’t believe a nap that started safe in her suburban bedroom ends in an empty wasteland. She doesn’t believe everyone she’s ever known may have never existed―and she definitely doesn’t believe an old man who tells her she will resurrect the world.

After he finds her crawling from a vent, the odd shaman clad in junk and old computer parts claims she is ‘the child born of the earth,’ humanity’s only chance to survive. As crazy as he sounds, being alone in a vast desert frightens her more than a kindly stranger. Desperate and scared, Kiera humors him, hoping her bad dream ends soon.

Fate has a funny habit of getting in the way of destiny. When an opportunity for a safe home presents itself, Kiera jumps at the chance. New parents and a new town―even a super-primitive tribal village―feel like the best place for a child to be, not off saving the world at the ramblings of a nutty old man. Adjusting to life without video games isn’t easy, but her new mom and dad give her what her old ones couldn’t: time and attention.

Alas, Kiera’s discovery of a secret within ancient ruins causes the ruler of the distant Citadel to regard her as a threat in need of disposal. Her only chance to keep her new family is to believe a crazy old man wasn’t so crazy―and that saving them won’t destroy the whole planet.


May 2018 Updates

Happy Wednesday!

It’s been a while since I put up a blog post. I’ve been burning the proverbial candle at both ends and haven’t had much time to spare for it. Stealing a few minutes here to ramble a bit.

A number of exciting projects are underway. First, the editor sent back the file for Menagerie! I’m hoping to have everything put together with that for a release sometime within the next two weeks.

I’m also working on two second editions, re-releasing The Eldritch Heart and Caller 107 soon with new cover art and some revisions. Caller 107 (since it’s one of my earliest books) had the most changes (something like 3,500 tweaks inside and a few thousand more words added). For those of you who’ve read the first version of The Eldritch Heart, the edits are mostly minor things like sentence flow and a couple of minor echoes. I did however make a small-but-meaningful change toward the end which will hopefully provide a more satisfying feel to how everything wraps up.

Also, I wound up changing the name of the stone giant from Ogun to Omun. A reader pointed out that “Ogun” is also the name of an African deity, which I had unintentionally used. Appropriately enough, he’s an “Earth God,” so naming a stone giant after him kinda worked even if it was a coincidence. Honestly, I thought I made the word up not realizing… Alas, my Google-Fu was weak. However, out of respect, I changed the name.

Ghost Black, the third book in the Daughter of Mars series is scheduled for release on 5/22, about a week away.

I’m also eagerly awaiting the cover art for Out of Sight, a YA science fiction novel. The text is ready to go here, so as soon as the cover and interior art is ready, the book will be going live.

Citadel: The Concordant Sequence is done with proofreading and awaiting formatting!

The Divergent Fates Anthology recently had a new cover and interior formatting applied.

I’ve also got the outline underway for the third (as yet untitled) book in the Vampire Innocent series. (BTW the audiobook for A Nighttime of Forever should be going live soon. It’s in the final stages over at ACX.)

Dead Man’s Number just came back from the proofreader and is in queue.

J.R. Rain and I are working on the second Alex Silver novel, Deep Silver, which is in queue for editing. Unfortunately, I don’t have any idea of a release timeline at this point as we are both quite busy.

Also, paperback versions of Sophie’s Light, The Forest Beyond the Earth, A Nighttime of Forever, A Beginner’s Guide to Fangs, and the Divergent Fates Anthology are now available through Barnes & Noble.

So, over the next few weeks, I’ve got somewhere between 4 and 6 books expecting to release or re-release. Hence, the head-spinning.

Happy reading!



Kindle sale .99 – The Forest Beyond the Earth

Greetings all!

You can grab The Forest Beyond the Earth for .99 on #kindle for the next 5 days – Mar 22 – Mar 27!

When Dad disappears, twelve-year-old Wisp journeys out into the Endless Forest, determined to find him. Chased by the monstrous Tree Walkers, she must rely on everything he’s taught her to survive.

The Forest Beyond the Earth is a post-apocalyptic adventure suitable for young readers as well as adults.

Cover Reveal | Wayfarer: AV494

I’m excited to be able to reveal a new cover!

In Wayfarer: AV494 (described by my publisher as John Carpenter’s The Thing meets The Martian), Kerys Loring finds herself stranded on a planet far from Earth, facing a deadly alien menace as well as something worse–her abusive ex fiancee.

This science-fiction/horror novel releases March 8th via Curiosity Quills Press

Kerys Loring hopes an expedition to a distant alien ruin will make her career―assuming she lives long enough to still have one.

Her last team made a significant find, but her bosses took all the recognition and grant money. When Avasar Biotechnology appeals to her unique combination of experience and desperation, she jumps at the chance, even if it means leaving her little brother behind for a three-year trip.

At least she’ll be thousands of light-years away from her abusive ex.

Within minutes of arrival, her excitement shatters at the sight of her ex already there. Clinging to the hope his position with botanical sciences will keep him away from her team, she forces herself to continue.

On her first day in the ruins, she makes a profound discovery… but something goes terribly wrong.

Her domineering ex soon becomes the least of her problems as an unstoppable alien threat plunges Wayfarer Outpost into chaos. Trapped in an isolated facility with death stalking every corridor, Kerys finds herself up against an even more insidious threat than ancient aliens: the truth.