Divergent Fates Anthology

A collection of eleven stories from nine authors set in the Divergent Fates universe.

Delve into the Badlands in The Old City with Althea from the Awakened series, as well as JS Hughes’ Last Flight, J.P. Sloan’s Snake Oil, and Wilbert Stanton’s Prophet’s Wake.

Visit the cyber-enhanced world of West City with Kirsten from the Division Zero series in Loose Ends, Nina Duchenne from the Virtual Immortality series, and in Mark W. Woodring’s The Contractor.

James Wymore’s Special Project zooms across 2418 Korea with illicit hovercar races.

Peek into neo-feudal Japan with Robert Defendi’s Stance-No-Stance, and go deep into Allied Corporate Council territory with Benjamin Sperduto in Sins of the Father and in Patrick Burdine’s Field Test.

Series: n/a
Genre: DF Universe, anthology (short stories), Post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, science fiction
Intended audience: 18+
Available from: Amazon Signed Paperback

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