Winter Solstice Series

Solstice Winters is a thirty-two year old photojournalist working for The Spiritualist, a tabloid news outlet specializing in stories of a supernatural or fantastic nature. She also wields magic, one of the rare individuals capable of tapping into forces beyond the ability of science to explain.

Magic has been part of the human experience for thousands of years, ever at the edge of awareness. The mind is quick to disregard events it cannot process, reaching for a convenient mundane explanation. Thus, its practitioners have gone largely unnoticed by society at large.

Until the Convergence.

An experiment in particle physics goes awry, dragging an alternate dimension known as The Echo closer. Its proximity causes a surge in the strength of magic, awakening long-dormant magical bloodlines and setting loose a flood of supposedly mythological creatures into the normal world.

The human experience is about to change, and for Solstice Winters, her life will never be the same.

She isn’t even part of the human experience.

Book 1 – Convergence

Book 2 – Containment

Book 3 – Catalyst

Book 4 – Catacombs

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