Kindle Freebie | Out of Sight

Greetings, All!

I’m working on the second novel in the Progenitor series, Out of Mind, so I’ve decided to put the first book up as a Kindle freebie until 8/30. Grab it <here>.

In other news… Eldritch Heart #3 The Sapphire Soul is done and ready for release… as soon as it has a cover. I’ll also be publishing an urban fantasy faerie-based short story soon.

Happy reading!

New Release | Vampire Innocent #11

Greetings, All!

Book 11 in the Vampire Innocent Series How To Stop a Vampire War in Six Easy Steps is now live on #kindle!

Nothing has complicated Sarah Wright’s life as much as losing it.

Discovering vampires and other supernatural creatures are real took the sting out of being murdered by her ex-boyfriend. She’s enjoying her new reality, even if taking a knife to the heart was the sanest thing to happen to her since.

Not quite a year into being an immortal, Sarah’s embraced the supernatural world hidden beneath the veneer of modern society. Vampirism is crazy fun as long as no one’s trying to kill her (again). She’s doing her best to keep her head down and help her kid sister sell Girl Scout cookies, but it’s not quite as easy to stay off the radar after becoming an official member of vampire society.

A random attempt on her unlife proves old grudges haven’t been forgotten.

Somehow, Follows Rules Girl has made enemies of the immortal kind.

Aurelie’s decree of protection obligates her to respond, all but guaranteeing a city-wide war among the elders. Worse, the Wright family will be at ground zero… unless Sarah can find a way to stop it.

Cover Reveal | Silver Cruicible


I’m pleased to be able to reveal the cover for the fourth book in the Alexis Silver series with J.R. Rain – Silver Crucible!

Alex decides it’s time to take a vacation and spend some time in the sea, maybe check out Central America… only she ends up finding a bit more excitement than she planned on.

Coming Soon!

New Release | The Shadow Fixer

Greetings, All!

I’m thrilled to announce the release of the sixth book in the Division Zero series – The Shadow Fixer!

It’s available now on Kindle, coming soon on paperback.

Happy reading!

Kirsten Wren’s job has gone back to normal—ghosts are killing people again.

After twenty-three rough years, Fate seems to be giving her a break. Her adopted son is happy. The new—well, first—boyfriend is doing everything right… and she hasn’t seen a single demon in a few months. In 2419, West City is a violent place filled with poverty, overcrowding, and augmented cyber-gangs. No surprise vengeful spirits are everywhere.

Compared to creatures of the Abyss, however, angry ghosts are like old friends.

An unusual spike in hostile manifestations suggests something out there is stirring up spirits. Initially benign events rapidly become deadly. As the only Astral Sensitive the National Police Force has on the West Coast, Kirsten might be in over her head.

The incidents continue at an overwhelming pace. Responding to so many hauntings leaves little time to find the cause of the ghosts’ agitation, but if she doesn’t do something soon… the city will descend into spectral chaos.