Operation Chimera Pre Order


Operation Chimera is now available for pre-order on Amazon (here)¬†for 99 cents. The official release date is 10/20. I had a lot of fun writing this with Tony Healey, author of the Far From Home series. Awhile ago, Curiosity Quills contacted me because Tony was looking for someone to collaborate with on a spinoff of his successful deep-space series, and they thought I’d be a good fit.

When they pitched it to me, the phrase “Star Trek meets Wing Commander” got bandied about, and I couldn’t resist. I used to be a big fan of the Wing Commander games (perhaps less so the film), and it seemed like an exciting little project. Working with Tony was great; he’s got that wicked Brit sense of humor I like, and had the decency to tell me he thought Keg (the android) was funny.

The story follows the crew of the Manhattan, an enormous starship/fighter carrier as it sets off on its maiden voyage into an uncharted region of space. The action splits between one of the groups of rookie fighter pilots (Green Wing) and the command crew of the Manhattan. The untested crew deals with first-mission-jitters as well as the unexplained effects of the Chimera nebula, all the while wondering if the mission is as risky and suicidal as everyone said it was.