Cover Reveal | The Menagerie of Jenkins Bailey

Happy Monday everyone 🙂 (as much as a Monday can be happy)

I’m thrilled to finally be able to reveal the cover for my upcoming middle-grade adventure novel, The Menagerie of Jenkins Bailey!

(Cover art by Ricky Gunawan)

Alas, I don’t yet have a firm release date as the edits are taking a touch longer than expected, but it will be out soonish.

Twelve year old Piper Bailey wouldn’t trade her friends for any amount of money―unfortunately, when her dad inherits a fortune, she doesn’t have a choice.

She’s happy with her little house in Syracuse and hand-me-down clothes twenty years out of style. The unexpected windfall is a blessing for her family, but it comes with a giant house hours away in the woods. Heartbroken at being so far from her tiny social circle, she tries to talk her parents into staying home, but they drag her off to the forest anyway.

Piper finds an unexpected friend in a boy who lives in the next house, and the two decide to explore grandpa’s giant mansion. It doesn’t take long for creepy things to start happening. Convinced there’s a malevolent ghost trying to hurt them, she asks her parents for help, but Mom goes from believing Piper is acting out over the unwanted move to being legit crazy.

A near-fatal attack from the spirit strands the kids in a hidden underground complex packed with supposedly mythical creatures. Thinking the strange zoo cruel, Piper is determined to free the creatures, but not all the captives are friendly.

Some are downright evil.