Release Party | Division Zero Thrall



It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since Division Zero came out, and now the third book in the series, Thrall, is due for release at the end of March. We’re having a Facebook release party (hosted by the wonderful Leslie Whitaker) on March 31 from 7-9pm Eastern time. There’ll be games/contests and prizes-though I am still working out the exact details that.

Please join me on Facebook to help kick off the release of book 3 in the Division Zero series.

Cover Reveal | Thrall


Here’s the cover to Division Zero: Thrall, part three, due out March 31.

Kirsten continues her battle with creatures from the Abyss, complicated by a series of seemingly unrelated murders soon before prominent figures act out of character, making decisions which imperil the security of West City. Worried some trace of Charazu – or the person who summoned it – lingers, she can’t shake the feeling the murders are connected. Her friendship with the priest Carlos Villera grows, as does her devotion to Evan. When the boy takes a dislike to the first man not to run away from her, Kirsten may be forced to give up what she’s wanted for so long.


If you’ve read Division Zero 1, but haven’t read Lex De Mortuis yet – it’s available HERE.

If you haven’t read Division Zero 1 yet, and are willing to leave a review, I’m currently accepting requests for free e-copies in exchange for reviews.

Reviewers Wanted | Division Zero #1


With Division Zero: Thrall right around the corner (March 31), I’m hoping to find a few more people willing to read & review the first book in the series. Reviews are an incredible help to authors without the massive advertising force of a major publisher behind them (and not even every author of a huge house has that benefit.)

If you have already read Division Zero, I am truly thankful for being able to provide you with a little escape from the doldrums of the real world. I would be honored if you could take a few minutes out of your busy day and post a review (even if it’s only a few short lines) on Amazon.

For anyone who has not already read Division Zero 1 and is interested in posting a review in exchange for a free e-copy, please send me an email ( with the email address you use with Amazon, or post in the comments below.

More information on the book HERE

Thanks, and happy reading !