Cover Reveal | Emma and the Silk Thieves


I’m thrilled to be able to finally reveal the cover for Emma and the Silk Thieves, the second in my Tales of Widowswood series, a middle grade fantasy. Emma’s adventures continue as she finds herself needing to make good on the promise she made the Spider Queen. Alas, Emma is still dreadfully afraid of spiders (well who wouldn’t be frightened of a green furry spider bigger than a dog) and tries to prepare herself for their inevitable meeting. But the spiders aren’t the most dangerous things in the forest these days… and the thieves have their eyes right on Emma.

(You can read chapter one early here)


To go with the new cover for Silk Thieves, Curiosity Quills has also redesigned the cover for Emma and the Banderwigh (the first in the series) to keep the look consistent. (I love the magical forest feel here.)

Chapter one preview

Chapter two preview