DF Anthology – Sale


Quick update – the Divergent Fates Anthology is on sale today and tomorrow on a Kindle countdown. The ebook version is .99 today and tomorrow, going to $1.99 the next day, $2.99 the day after that, and back to the normal price of $3.99 after.

Once again, thank you to all the authors who contributed to the anthology!

Happy reading!

December Sale


I’m pleased to announce that Curiosity Quills is putting most of their catalog up for sale in December for .99 (ebooks). Different genres go on sale on different dates, and the sale includes all the books in CQ’s active catalog. Below are the sale dates by title for my novels:



On December 11th and 12th, my novels Chiaroscuro and Nine Candles of Deepest Black will be .99 for the ebook.



On December 13 and 14, Contemporary Fiction goes on sale. My novels, Caller 107 and The Summer the World Ended (both YA fiction) will be .99 for the ebook.


Science Fiction


December 15th and 16th is the day for Sci Fi books, which includes quite a few of my books:

Virtual Immortality

Division Zero (Division Zero series #1)

Prophet of the Badlands (The Awakened series #1)

The Far Side of Promise (Anthology)

The Hand of Raziel (Daughter of Mars series #1)

One More Run (The Roadhouse Chronicles series #1)

Operation Chimera



My middle-grade fantasy novel, Emma and the Banderwigh (Tales of Widowswood series #1) goes on sale for .99 on December 17th and 18th. (The second book in this series, Emma and the Silk Thieves is scheduled to release January 3rd!)

This is a great opportunity to grab up a bunch of ebooks (again CQ is putting almost their whole catalog up on sale). Check them out at www.curiosityquills.com

Happy reading, and happy holidays!


News | Prophet Sale



My publisher, Curiosity Quills Press, has decided to put the ebook of Prophet of the Badlands (book 1 of the Awakened series) on sale for the next two days for .99.

Althea, the main character, is still my favorite of all the characters I’ve yet created. The first novel I finished writing, Virtual Immortality, was a bit too long to query out to agents and publishers, so I decided to set it aside. At the time I had two other ideas, Prophet, and Division Zero. Since I knew Prophet would be the start of a longer series with five prominent characters, I decided to write Division Zero first.

All the while I was writing Division Zero #1, it felt like Althea was standing behind me, bouncing on her toes, asking “is it my turn yet” every few minutes. After I had finished Division Zero to the point I started the querying process, I got going on Prophet. As I expected it would, the story exploded out of my brain. I remember having the week off from the day job, and I managed 126,000 words in about 11 days. The story wanted out.

A little more than halfway along, Althea decided to take issue with the direction I had planned for the story. It was as though she were beside me, shaking her head and tapping her foot. She had a rather firm idea of something she would not allow to happen, and I wound up listening to her and changing the outline in a way that rippled through the remainder of the series in a major way.

Anyway, with the sale on, I hope you take a .99 chance on entering the world of the Awakened… See the Earth in 2418, after a corporate war has ruined the interior of North America. See the Badlands, and the world around it through the eyes of a young girl struggling to find the courage to stand up for herself against those who would exploit her powers.

Happy reading!