Prophet Hon. Mention

Some time ago (I think around August 2013) I became aware of the Writers of the Future contest as a result of reading the bio of Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind [a good read, btw]. So, figuring why  not – I decided to send in an excerpt from Prophet of the Badlands and see what happened.

Despite my best efforts to ‘fire and forget’, as December approached and the time for results to be announced drew closer, I wound up thinking about it.  Sometime around mid-month, I got an email from Joni (contest director) announcing it rated an Honorable Mention. Considering the likes of who reads and judges this contest, I was quite humbled at being acknowledged. Congratulations to those who placed 🙂


Division Zero Release Update

And thanks to the awesome Courtney @ Curiosity Quills, Division Zero’s release date has been moved up again to March 7th 2014!

Release Date Moved

Just got the wonderful news that the release date for Division Zero has been bumped up to April 22 (from May 19).