Division Zero Signed

Division Zero will be published by Curiosity Quills (www.curiosityquills.com) at a release date yet to be determined.



So… trying this twitter thing. Damn, I feel old 🙂 I’m used to being on top of technology, not befuddled by it.


Introducing Fusan

The new site mascot, courtesy of Darren Geers.

The site mascot

New Character Art

Thanks to Darren Geers, some new Character portraits appear in the Division Zero section (under books)

Shortcut 🙂


I have also added to the books section information about other projects (in various stages of completion).

Revisions Completed

The first round of publisher-requested revisions for Division Zero are complete after about 7 days worth of 16 hour sessions and minimal sleep. All in all, I feel it is an improvement.


Welcome to the site.

The site goes live on 9/2/2013 🙂