Vampire Innocent Series

Sarah Wright was a happy, well-adjusted ordinary suburban high school grad looking toward college with equal parts excitement and dread. All her life, she’d been the good girl who never did anything wrong, except for dating Scott Deacon.

Death normally gets in the way of plans, and Sarah’s no exception. After she wakes up in a morgue with no memory of how she got there, she soon learns there’s much about the world she never knew―like vampires are real.

On top of her anxiety about moving out of state, being killed pushes her straight to “can’t even.” Sarah rushes back to the safety of her home and family, who seemingly take her news in stride.

While she may have the powers of an immortal, she’s still living (more or less) under her parents’ roof and beholden to their rules. She once thought high school came with a lot of drama…

But it’s got nothing on being a vampire.

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