A String of Seriously Unlucky Events

In her short time as a vampire, Sarah Wright has made some enemies… but she never expected to piss off the Universe.

All things considered, for only being two months into her second year as a vampire, she’s doing well. She’s earned some status with the local undead. Her family is reasonably safe. Her boyfriend is kinda plain, but she needs to have a dose of normal somewhere.

Things are looking good… right up until they’re not.

One near death experience could be chalked up to bad luck, but two defies plausibility. The third time a freak accident nearly destroys her for good, she starts to wonder if it’s not so freak. If Sarah’s going to survive another month of undeath, she’ll need to find out why the fabric of probability hates her.

And do it fast.

Series: Vampire Innocent (14)
Genre: Dark comedy, vampires, urban fantasy, paranormal
Intended audience: 13+
Available From: Amazon

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