The Summer of Completely Usual Strangeness

Becoming a vampire had been the most extreme shock of Sarah Wright’s life–or so she thought.

Fourteen months into her strange new existence, an impulsive red-headed bomb rocks her unlife to the core. As if having to cope with all the feels isn’t stressing enough, she still has Chloe to worry about as well as keeping an eye over her shoulder in case some other angsty supernatural idiot decides to randomly become angry with her.

Sarah tries her best to balance normal family life with helping two fledgling undead adjust to their fangs. Despite the shock of what happened, knowing she’ll never be lonely is awesome. Alas, outside forces threaten her newfound contentment mere days after her world’s upended when they do something more foolish than starting a land war in Asia.

Some idiot tries to kill Arthur Wolent.

Being the new girl usually keeps Sarah safe from the worst of politics, but it also makes her a weapon no one will see coming. The only hard part is surviving.

Series: Vampire Innocent (15)
Genre: Dark comedy, vampires, urban fantasy, paranormal
Intended audience: 13+
Available From: Amazon

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