An Introduction to Paranormal Diplomacy

Freeing a centuries-old murderer from a ghost jar usually ends badly.

Sarah has finally adjusted to unlife, at last comfortable with herself. Her college classes are going well even if she isn’t fully committed to her current major. Her one frustration is her boyfriend always being too busy to spend time with her, but college is temporary. Love is forever.

Or so they say—her definition of ‘forever’ is a little different now.

Worry about her love life pales next to the constant paranormal weirdness invading her personal space. Nothing major really, only her brother trafficking with demons and one little sister interrupting the time continuum over kittens. The moment Sophia’s extreme niceness resulted in a killer from the 1700s escaping a spirit trap, Sarah had a feeling it would bite her in the ass.

The teeth have finally arrived.

Furious at centuries of captivity, the wraith causes mayhem in London. If Sarah ignores it, innocent people are going to die… but dragging her kid sister across the ocean has bad idea written all over it.

Series: Vampire Innocent (9)
Genre: Dark comedy, vampires, urban fantasy, paranormal
Intended audience: 13+
Available from: AmazonSigned PaperbackAudiobook

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