A Vampire’s Guide to Work-Unlife Balance

Threats of doom and destruction coming from the backyard barbecue grill are a bad portent—especially when they’re not from Dad’s cooking.

Sarah Wright has pretty much gotten into her groove with the whole vampire thing. Unlife’s pretty darn nifty… except when the Forces of Evil™ keep showing up to ruin her day. She wants to be normal: go to college, help her family, look after a vampire child, and try not to annoy anyone more powerful than the dude on the street corner collecting donations for his kid’s soccer team.

The biggest downside to getting in the way of a demonic-infused undead is how they tend to carry grudges. It wants to destroy her emotionally before it kills her. Since Firefly already got cancelled, it has no choice but to attack her family. Fortunately, this particular demon is trapped in another plane of existence.

How much harm can it really do from there?

Sarah’s about to find out.

Series: Vampire Innocent (17)
Genre: Dark comedy, vampires, urban fantasy, paranormal
Intended audience: 13+
Available from: Amazon

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