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I am feeling quite excited at the moment! It’s been a quiet seven months since my last novel came out, and today is finally the day the lull breaks. Grey Ronin, the third book in the Awakened series, is now available on Amazon.

The Awakened series introduced Althea in Prophet of the Badlands, and continued with Anna in Archon’s Queen. Grey Ronin brings Mamoru Saito, a samurai in the service of Matsushita Electronics Corporation, into the fray. He does not heal like Althea, nor does he command electricity like Anna. He possesses two gifts, technokinesis which allows him to exert a degree of control (in fact mentally embody) complex machines and cyberspace, and physical kinetics, which makes him as strong and fast as a doll for brief periods.

For most of his adult life, Mamoru has focused primarily on one thing: his honor. When that honor is questioned by powers outside the narrow scope of his understanding, he decides to trust a message from his dead mentor. Rather than blindly commit seppuku as ordered, he sets off to find out who tricked his beloved warlord, and prove the lie.

The first five books of the series each follow a different member of the Awakened, psionics far and away more powerful than “ordinary” psionics. They all have their own demons to contend with as well as enemies both mortal and supernatural that conspire to use them.

Book six includes all five of the characters from the first books in an interleaving POV as their individual issues catch up to them while Archon’s plan gets forced into high gear, and an adversary beyond the understanding and belief of many seeks to use them all to further its power.

The Awakened Series

1 – Prophet of the Badlands

2 – Archon’s Queen

3 – Grey Ronin

4 – Daughter of Ash (Release Mar 06 2017)

5 – Zero Rogue (Release Jan 08 2018)

6 – Angel Descended (Release Aug 13 2018)

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