New Release | Prophet’s Journey

Greetings, All!

I am beyond thrilled to announce the release of Prophets Journey!

Readers who’ve finished the first book in The Awakened series have been asking me for years about a spin-off series with Althea as the main character. This is something I had wanted to do, but needed to wait until the original series had been released in full. (Frustrating as the books were done but the original publisher I signed with wanted to stagger the releases out over three years… argh.) Anyway, with all six books of the Awakened series in the wild, it became time for Althea to strike off on her own with the Prophet of the Badlands series.

The events of this book are set after the Awakened series (but not too far after). Reading this one first will have a few spoilers for those who have not yet finished the first series. Anyway, I am super excited to add more to Althea’s story!

Happy reading!

Althea struggles to adapt to an unexpected twist in her life—not being kidnapped in six whole months.

The strange police from the faraway city claim the abilities she thought of as magic are really ‘psionics,’ and say she is far stronger than anyone they have ever seen. Despite their curiosity, they let her remain in the Badlands to protect her from an evil they call corporations.

Of course, Althea knows all too well how powerful her healing gift is. For most of her life, she’d been a prize taken in raids. Tribes have killed to own her, and she let them.

But the Prophet is done being passive.

Having a family changes everything. No longer afraid to use her powers to protect herself, Althea refuses to be taken again… even when corporate mercenaries find her.

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