Angel Descended

When an angel returns to Earth, millions will die.

A being born of darkness bends the Angel to his will, intent on covering West City with a rain of fire. The authorities close in on Archon, forcing him to act in haste. His meticulous plan to seek sanctuary for psionics in deep space frays at the seams, providing the perfect venue for a demon to reshape the world.

Seven individuals—The Awakened—fight for their place in a society unprepared for them.

One discovers the light within and risks everything she loves to help others.

One learns she lives a comfortable lie, but chooses a painful truth.

One gives himself to darkness in hopes of saving the only family he has left.

One struggles with anger, trying to fit into a civilization that never wanted her.

One searches for absolution from the harshest judge of all—himself.

One will do anything it takes to protect his people.

…and One just wants to watch the show.

Series: The Awakened (6)
Genre: DF Universe, Cyberpunk, paranormal, post-apocalyptic
Intended audience: 16+
Available from: Amazon Signed Paperback

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