Prophet of the Badlands

For most twelve-year-olds, being kidnapped is terrifying. For Althea, it’s only Tuesday.

Her powers of healing make her a precious commodity in the Badlands, a place where the strong write the law in blood. For as long as she can remember, she has lived either as a possession or a goddess. Althea contents herself with captivity as long as she can help others, even those who killed to own her.

After three whole months in the same village, the friendship of a young warrior makes her feel almost like a member of the tribe rather than a prisoner. Alas, raiders seize her yet again. For the first time in six years, being stolen hurts.

Following a reluctant escape, she questions if she should dare risk using her powers to defend herself, and those she has come to love. Her attempt to return to the tribe leaves her lost and alone and, for the first time in her life, trying to stay free.

Alas, two threats far beyond her experience to understand also hunt her. One wishes to use her for his grand scheme—and one wants to destroy her.


Series: The Awakened (1)
Genre: DF Universe, Cyberpunk, paranormal, post-apocalyptic
Intended audience: 16+
Available from: AmazonAudiobook Signed Paperback

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Here’s a playlist of music put together by Amber from Happy Geek Media for the Prophet of the Badlands blog tour.