Evergreen Series

Early in the morning on Friday, September 7, 2018, civilization drowned in nuclear fire.

Seventeen-year-old Harper Cody sheltered in the basement of her family home with her parents and little sister, Madison. Alas, they had only two months together before a violent gang came looking for anything worth stealing.

In high school, Harper had been voted ‘sweetest in her class,’ an odd honor for a girl who’d spent the past four years winning shooting competitions and becoming YouTube (sorta) famous. Shooting a range target was easy for her. Killing a person, not so much.

A moment of hesitation cost her father his life. Chasing a rumor of safety in the mountain town of Evergreen, Colorado, she flees into the fallout ash with her little sister, leaving behind their family home as well as the life they knew before it all burned.

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