The World We Make

Civilization took thousands of years to build and only hours to destroy.

One year after the bombs fell, the proverbial dust has settled, but real dust remains a lingering haze in the sky. The town of Evergreen has evolved from a group of stunned survivors to a passable attempt at civilization, far from the crazy pace of her old life. She has time to breathe… and time to think about how many ways someone could die: starvation, radioactive fallout, gangs—or even a dirty splinter.

Harper is determined to go on. After all, humanity survived the Old West.

Alas, she’s going to need more than hope to survive. Being on the Militia makes her a target for Mother Nature’s cruel talons, power-drunk survivalists, and even the very citizens she protects. Little, especially living to see tomorrow, is certain, but Harper Cody is sure of one thing:

The future will only be as good as she helps make it.

Series: Evergreen (6)
Genre: Post-apocalyptic, survival, realism
Intended audience: 14+
Available from: Amazon

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