The 777 Challenge


I got tagged by Ann Noser (author of How to Date Dead Guys) for the 777 game. The rules are simple. Post 7 lines from the 7th page of a work in progress, and then tag 7 more authors to do the same.

My current work in progress is currently titled “Heir Ascendant” (this may change before publication). It is a novel set in the world established in my short story Innocent Deception. Since the events are continuous, and not wanting people to get lost, I am including the original short story in the novel. Since that isn’t technically the ‘in progress’ part, the seven lines I am including below are from the seventh page of new content. (Part II – Block 13)


Maya glanced down at the cold, smooth floor. She couldn’t quite tell what material it was, flecked with false gold chips over a burgundy base. The hallway opened wider after fifteen paces, revealing a stairway on the left, a red door straight ahead labeled ‘employees only,’ and a lounge with three elevator doors on the right.

A fair-skinned man with light brown hair in a short military-inspired cut sprang to his feet. Aside from a compact assault rifle across his back, barrel pointed down, his grey coat and pants looked much the same as everyone else around here not wearing scraps.

“Damn, Genna… what the fuck happened?” He rushed over and held her by the shoulders.

Genna managed a half-breath of laugh. “Mission went to shit. That jarhead you found flashed back hard.”

“Damn,” said the man. “Once you no longer half dead, you’ll have to tell me what happened. I don’t want to risk using him again.”

“You won’t,” said Maya.

The man looked down at her. “Who’s that?”

“Kid,” said Genna, fighting to keep her head upright.

“No shit.” He looked at a small door past the elevators. “Weber, get your ass in here.”


And now to tag seven more authors.

Dallas Mullican

Will Stanton

Ethan Mawyer

Sam Hunt

JP Sloan

Matthew Graybosh

Robert Defendi

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