Editing of Awakened Book 2 done

Welp, after letting it sit for awhile, I went back through Archon’s Queen on its second edit pass. By way of comparison, Virtual Immortality is on its eighth, as was Division Zero. Prophet made it to 6 – but this one I am happy with after two.

Perhaps there is something to be said for noticed progress 🙂 It came to my attention at some point after I finished all four of them that passive voice was a bad thing, and like most bad things (and most new authors scrambling to impress their editors) I went on a crusade to stamp it out… At least, stamp it out where it was inappropriate to use.

Much to my happiness, I found less of it in Queen than the others.

Anyway, I am now free to start drafting on the sequel to Division Zero 🙂

I figure I’m already two books into The Awakened series, might as well get Kirsten caught up.

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