The Adventures of Übergirl

Book Series

Nine-year-old Kelly Donovan loved reading superhero comics and living in a world of imagination, but never in her wildest imagination did she expect to become a legit superhero.

An advanced society of aliens riddles the surface of the Earth with giant crystals, claiming that the planet’s magnetic field is close to collapse, an event that would eradicate all life. The benevolent protectors have technology to safeguard the planet for the next few million years, but the crystals have an unintended effect: many humans and even animals develop strange abilities.

Near ground zero of a crystal drop, Kelly absorbs an incredible amount of power for such a small girl. For her, becoming Übergirl is a dream come true… until she learns that being a hero isn’t always fun and games.

Sometimes it’s hard.

Sometimes, it’s even painful.

Book 1 – My Dad is a Mad Scientist
Book 2 – Aliens Ate my Homework
Book 3 – The End of all Halloweens

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