Dr. Infinity and the Soul Smasher

There’s only one thing Übergirl loves—almost—as much as helping people: Star Prince comics.

Before the Nolmek accidentally made superheroes real, Kelly Donovan often escaped into the pages of her favorite comic series to forget about bullies and her parents always complaining about their jobs. Star Prince and Ms. Omni might be fictional, but they saved her as much as any living hero could.

When Dad surprises her with a copy of the latest and greatest video game set in the Star Prince Universe, Kelly dives right in, too excited to think.

Alas, diving in turns out to be far more literal than she expected.

Übergirl and her best friend Paige—a.k.a Will-O-Wisp—end up stranded inside the MegaStation, helpless to interfere while Dad puts together a most nefarious plan. If the girls cannot defeat the virtual Dr. Infinity in time to escape, her father’s orbital machine will rain down an unimaginable horror on innocent people… adding pineapple to every pizza on Earth.

Series: The Adventures of Übergirl (4)
Genre: Superheroes, comedy, kids
Intended audience: 8+ (fun for adults, too!)
Available from: Amazon

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