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Greetings, All!

I’m thrilled to announce the release of the second novel in the Ubergirl series – Aliens Ate my Homework! Available now on Kindle. (Paperback should be live in a day or so).

Kelly Donovan wants to save the Earth from aliens, but her plan has a serious snag—she needs to do it before bedtime.

It’s been a few weeks since the Nolmek scattered giant crystals around the world that unintentionally gave some people super powers. They also nearly eliminated war and shared technology to solve famine, drought, and pollution, so pretty much everyone loves them. Alas, the aliens didn’t visit Earth purely out of kindness.

They needed a primitive species to enslave.

Kelly discovers they’re speeding up their plans, already abducting people from the super-prison right out from under the cops’ noses, the same prison her mad-scientist father is stuck in. She’s desperate to protect him, but unfortunately, no one is willing to believe the Nolmek could be bad guys. Worse, they know she’s on to them.

If she can’t find proof of the aliens’ plan, stop the invasion, and be in bed before nine, she faces worse than the enslavement of humanity—she’ll be grounded.

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “New Release | Aliens Ate my Homework

  1. Sounds great. I love your adult books, haven’t yet read one of your books for younger readers. I am so impressed by your productivity and quality. Any hints on how to be a more productive writer?

    • Thank you!

      Set aside some time every day to write. What helped me finally finish a book was to outline it so I knew where the story would go and didn’t get lost while writing.

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