The Pacifist’s Doom

A desperate stranger dumping a dangerous magical weapon in Brooklyn’s lap isn’t the end of the world—it’s merely going to kill every living thing on the planet.

The world itself will be just fine.

This isn’t the kind of apocalypse she signed up for. Her idea of saving the world is much less tiring: do nothing at all. If she doesn’t destroy it, that counts as saving it, right? Alas, the ancient artifact isn’t very patient. The clock is ticking and it’s going to make her miss some serious couch time.

Problem is, the doomsday device doesn’t want to be stopped. It keeps slipping away from her. Even if she does manage to get her hands on it, the Philadelphia Fire Department hasn’t exactly trained her how to disarm ancient magical weapons of mass destruction. She’s going to have to improvise.

What could possibly go wrong?

Series: Temporal Armistice (6)
Genre: Urban fantasy, magic, paranormal
Intended audience: 16+
Available from: Amazon • Signed Paperback

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