The Far Side of Promise Anthology

The Far Side of Promise is an anthology of short stories spanning cyberpunk, high fantasy, psychological horror, and science fiction. In the titular story, a jaded deep-space miner sets out on a desperate bid for real food.

The boundary between the virtual and real worlds becomes an Ouroboros.

Alex Grant always gets what he wants—until he gets what he deserves in The Tower.

Many people hide skeletons in their closets, but in The Roommate, Roy talks to his.

At age ten, Kirsten Wren’s mother tried to kill her. To survive, she followed a ghost Into the Beneath.

In A Queen’s Lament, a young monarch copes with love, betrayal, and demons.

In Evergreen, seventeen-year-old Harper and her little sister find themselves alone after nuclear war.

Neris dreams constantly of A Ghost Among Fireflies, an unseen force compelling her to visit a dangerous, destroyed world.

Series: n/a
Genre: Anthology – Cyberpunk, science fiction, horror, contemporary
Intended audience: 16+
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