The Dark Mercy

Maddy Wimsey #3

Cops sometimes rely on hunches to guide them, but Detective Maddy Wimsey takes it a step further: magic.

August opens with the bad omen of a suicide that she suspects is more than it appears. However, before she can even start to find evidence that won’t get her a date with a shrink, an even worse case walks in the door.

A local nurse claims she suspects one of her co-workers of murdering patients. Unfortunately, the woman has even less evidence than Maddy’s belief that a spirit is throwing people off tall buildings. However, something about the story rings too true to brush aside.

Believing her hunch is really the Universe nudging her to make things right, Maddy launches an investigation. One by one, she uncovers cases of abrupt patient deaths at multiple hospitals, the work of more than one killer. The victims have one thing in common: all had been hospitalized for terminal illnesses, leading her to suspect the murderers believe themselves agents of mercy.

Unfortunately, magic won’t hold up in a court of law, and Maddy only has so much time to find real evidence before the killers realize they’ve been discovered—and kill again.

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