The Drifting Gloom

Maddy Wimsey Book 2

Magical forces don’t always play nice. In fact, they can be downright evil.

Life is going fairly well for Detective Maddy Wimsey. At thirty-five, she’s an accomplished detective, practicing Wiccan, has a wonderful relationship with her long-time boyfriend, and even a much-needed vacation after dealing with a cursed gem.

Alas, her break doesn’t last long.

A creeping darkness interrupts the solace of the woods with a supernatural vendetta against her coven. Maddy had opened a particular can of worms looking into the past, and the entity has decided to make her a target.

With a deadly supernatural entity on the loose, the last thing she needs is for her day job to get in the way, but a new murder case lands right in her lap at the worst possible time. A sadistic serial killer and no good leads guts Maddy’s confidence. With each new victim she fails to save, her guilt grows.

Duty to her coven clashes with her oath to protect the citizens. Taking time from the case to fight a supernatural war means more innocents will die, but a worse foe than mortals or even shadow men stalks her: doubt.

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