Temporal Armistice

For untold millennia, a war raged between the impulsive and vengeful Shaar’Nath and the beautiful but self-righteous Elestari. Each believed the other undeserving of existence, and neither would accept defeat. The realms lent power to their denizens, pushing the bulk of the conflict to the border, lest one army seize advantage.

Eons of stalemate brought two civilizations to the brink of annihilation. To avoid extinction, avowed enemies worked together to create the Armistice, a planar barrier between the realms that forced their millenia-old war to a stop. Both sides planned to resume the struggle once their populations rebounded.

However, something unforeseen occurred―life.

For over ten thousand years, the Armistice went ignored by its creators. The chaotic fusion of Elestari and Shaar’Nath magic brought life to a realm that should have been lifeless. Eventually, this chain reaction produced humans.

Alas, the warmongers have again become thirsty for conflict, and the Armistice is in their way.

Brooklyn Amari grew up poor, never knowing her father. Ever since she somehow survived her home burning down as a child―a blaze that should have killed her―she’s felt a constant pull to the conflagration. As an adult, this led her to become a firefighter. In the midst of a raging hotel inferno, she experiences a second brush with death and learns the truth: she’s not completely human.

In fact, Brooklyn’s pretty sure she’s a demon.

She’s also the key to destroying the Armistice, ending the only world Humans know.

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