Nascent Shadow

Brooklyn Amari knew not to get in a car with a stranger. When a man tried to lure her—she killed him.

As if taking a life at the tender age of ten wasn’t bad enough, her childhood home burned to the ground two years later. She doesn’t remember how she survived, but she’s felt a pull toward the conflagration ever since. After a troubled patch in her teens, she’s become a respectable firefighter, rushing again and again into the inferno that almost killed her. A routine sweep-and-clear during a hotel blaze takes a deadly turn, but also explains how she escaped death eleven years ago: she’s probably a demon.

Brooklyn had always enjoyed having psychic abilities, but wings?

She’s still trying to come to terms with what she might be when she experiences a vision of an arsonist planting an enchanted bomb, but the Fire Marshal’s office is ill-equipped to handle magic. Since she’s the most paranormal thing they’ve got, they offer her a temporary promotion.

Unfortunately, she soon finds herself neck-deep in an investigation that goes straight over her head.

And oh yeah—she’s supposed to destroy the world.

Series: Temporal Armistice (1)
Genre: Urban fantasy, magic, paranormal
Intended audience: 16+
Available from: Amazon AudiobookSigned Paperback

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