Prophet’s Mercy

Giant insects and murderous raiders are a daily nuisance in the Badlands; Althea faces a new, even more confusing challenge—friends.

Being the Prophet had some good parts: no one dared hurt her and she got to heal people. It also had bad parts, like constant kidnapping. In all her twelve years of life, she couldn’t remember spending more than a few months in the same place… until now.

In Querq, Althea is safe and loved. She isn’t sure how to simply ‘be friends’ with other kids her age. It’s a weird experience, but one she’s trying to learn… until an outsider brings a reminder she is far from ordinary.

The visitor speaks of a village stricken by angry, vengeful spirits where everyone is sick or dying. It’s a first to be asked for help instead of taken.

Althea can’t say no, even if she might not make it home.

Series: Prophet of the Badlands (2)
Genre: DF Universe, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, paranormal
Intended audience: 14+
Available from: Amazon

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