Signed Paperbacks


If you would like to order a signed physical copy of any of my books, please contact me at mcox2112 @ gmail com with the requested titles.

Shipping tends to be about $3-6 depending on location and number of books. Shipping to Canada is an option but the shipping costs are higher.

If the books should be signed to someone other than you, please enter their name here. Leave blank for self.
Enter a shipping address for where the books should be mailed.
Prophet of the BadlandsAwakened1$8.00
Archon’s QueenAwakened2$8.00
Grey RoninAwakened3$7.00
Daughter of AshAwakened4$8.00
Zero RogueAwakened5$7.00
Angel DescendedAwakened6$10.00
Hand of RazielDaughter of Mars1$8.00
AraphelDaughter of Mars2$7.00
Ghost BlackDaughter of Mars3$7.00
Division ZeroDivision Zero1$7.00
Lex de MortuisDivision Zero2$8.00
ThrallDivision Zero3$9.00
GuardianDivision Zero4$9.00
HarbingerDivision Zero5$7.00
The Shadow FixerDivision Zero6$8.00
The Eldritch HeartEldritch Heart1$8.00
The Cursed CrownEldritch Heart2$7.00
The Sapphire SoulEldritch Heart3$8.00
The World That RemainsEvergreen2$7.00
The Lucky OnesEvergreen3$7.00
Nuclear SummerEvergreen4$7.00
The Nuclear FrontierEvergreen5$7.00
Heir AscendantFaded Skies1$8.00
Ascendant UnrestFaded Skies2$7.00
Ascendant RevolutionFaded Skies3$7.00
Prophet’s JourneyProphet1$8.00
One More RunRoadhouse1$8.00
The RedeemedRoadhouse2$8.00
Dead Man’s NumberRoadhouse3$8.00
Emma and the BanderwighTales of Widowswood1$6.00
Emma and the Silk ThievesTales of Widowswood2$6.00
Emma and the Silverbell FaeriesTales of Widowswood3$6.00
Emma and the Elixir of MadnessTales of Widowswood4$7.00
Emma and the Weeping SpiritTales of Widowswood5$7.00
Nascent ShadowTemporal Armistice1$6.00
The Shadow CollectorTemporal Armistice2$6.00
The Gate to OblivionTemporal Armistice3$6.00
The Queen of DiscordTemporal Armistice4$6.00
My Dad is a Mad ScientistUbergirl1$7.00
Aliens Ate my HomeworkUbergirl2$8.00
The End of all HalloweensUbergirl3$6.00
A Nighttime of ForeverVampire Innocent1$6.00
A Beginner’s Guide to FangsVampire Innocent2$7.00
The Artist of RuinVampire Innocent3$7.00
The Last Family Road TripVampire Innocent4$6.00
The Phantom OracleVampire Innocent5$7.00
How Not to Summon DemonsVampire Innocent6$6.00
Ordinary Problems of a College VampireVampire Innocent7$7.00
A Vampire’s Guide to Surviving HolidaysVampire Innocent8$7.00
An Introduction to Paranormal DiplomacyVampire Innocent9$8.00
A Vampire’s Guide to AdultingVampire Innocent10$7.00
How to Stop a Vampire War in 6 Easy StepsVampire Innocent11$7.00
Virtual ImmortalityVirtual Immortality1$9.00
The Harmony ParadoxVirtual Immortality2$9.00
Axillon99  $7.00
Caller 107  $6.00
Chiaroscuro: The Mouse and the Candle  $7.00
Citadel: The Concordant Sequence  $7.00
The Cursed Codex  $7.00
DF Anthology  $8.00
The Far Side of Promise  $6.00
The Forest Beyond the Earth  $7.00
Nine Candles of Deepest Black  $7.00
Of Myth and Shadow  $22.00
Out of Sight  $7.00
The Spirits of Six Minstrel Run  $8.00
Sophie’s Light  $5.00
The Dysfunctional Conspiracy  $8.00
The Menagerie of Jenkins Bailey  $7.00
The Summer the World Ended  $7.00
Wayfarer: AV494  $7.00
The Girl Who Found the Sun$8.00

6 thoughts on “Signed Paperbacks

  1. I would loved a signed copy of Emma and the Banderwigh. Just let me know how to send you the money 🙂

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  3. I filled the form a couple of days ago but I haven’t got a reply yet.
    Should I send another form or just state the books I want to buy signed here?

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